Hive Fitness Classes

We are not your average cardio fitness class. When you come to Bella Bs you are  guaranteed to burn 500 or more calories per class. Here we burn calories and ignite confidence you never thought you had. We would love to have you stop by. If you are interested in becoming apart of the Bee Hive we offer monthly memberships. 

Monday Madness

HITT w/ a twist Full Body workout class
Guaranteed to Burn 500 of more Calories.
Please bring Resistance Bands, Weights, and floor mats.

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Wild Out Wednesday

Cardio Dance class Guaranteed to burn 500 or more calories!
No Equipment needed just come ready to roll your body and work them hips!!
Hip hop, Reggae, Afrobeat, & More!!

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Feisty Fridays

The most attractive & Beautiful accessory a girl can wear is CONFIDENCE! 
If you are confident, You are beautiful!
Bella Bs Fitness is about “Burning Calories & Building Confidence.
So Come out let your hair down & Lets Get Feisty! It’s not about knowing how to dance it’s about being sexy, confident, and breaking out of your shell!
We switch class themes every time so you never know what to expect. However expect to have fun!!

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SaturDaze Cardio Fit

This class is Monday and Wednesday combined for the Ultimate Bella Bs Experience! Full body workout along with Dance. Please bring Resistance Bands, Weights, and floor mats.

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