Inside the Hive


Hi, I’m Shatoria Woods, CEO and Lead Instructor for Bella Bs Fitness. I began my fitness  entrepreneurship journey in 2018 with my Mommy n’ Me Fitness classes. Through those classes I was able to meet and connect with women on another level, the connection was so great that I found my purpose. I worked to create a space where more women could come and release…this beautiful body of work became Bella Bs Fitness.

I thank God for the many women he has brought into my life & I pray that he continues to lead women to me that truly “NEEDS” the connection and  support that our SisterHive community offers. I want my space to be a safe haven for women. Where she can be her true self & feel comfortable doing so. No judgement just love. Where the Fierce  can be even more feisty! The insecure can become secure. Where we can become Stronger, Bolder, and more confident together. Where we can grow not only PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY too. This is more than just FITNESS.

Slowly but surely it’s happening… I am HER and she is ME.

Because of them I’m living my purpose.


Bella's Helper Bees


Hi, I’m Naomi Ellis, Assistant and Motivator of Bella B’s Fitness. When I first started with Bella B’s Fitness at the end of June 2019, I was 256 lbs. I have since lost 40 lbs and gained an amazing Sisterhive with all of our Bella Bees!!


Hi, I’m April Taylor and I am the owner of Busy Day Nutrition. I have been with Bella B’s Fitness since 2018 and became the nutritionist in 2019. When I first began with Bella B’s I was looking for a way to lose weight and not have to find a sitter, so when I found Mommy n’ Me by Bella B’s Fitness I was hooked. I have lost over 40lbs with her fun cardio classes. I have gained confidence and so many sisters!